2 April: Editing, Editing

This week, the focus is on editing and what we are determined to have as our last day of filming. It looks as though the weather should clear up toward the end of the week so we will definitely be filming our exterior shots and hopefully a final interview with a group of first-year Ithaca College students who volunteered in the Hospicare gardens last fall. Other items of note are that we are working with another student to create a graphic for our film.

However, the main order of the day is editing. As mentioned in the previous post, the setting sun changed the lighting of our most recent interview quite dramatically. We are working on color correction now in order to fix this as best as we can. Luckily, some of the quotes we intend to include are to be covered by broil, but there is still some correction which needs to be done.

Otherwise, we are just continuing with our general editing. We have mostly completed the opening of our documentary and we are very pleased with it, but there is still much to be done!