27 March: Weather and Lighting

Today we returned to Hospicare for what we intended to be our final day of filming and interviews. Of course, the weather betrayed us once more and as we entered the driveway it began to snow again. We will be returning next week for one final opportunity to film exterior shots; if there is snow at this point, we will just have to work around it. Still, we were also going to Hospicare for the purpose of interviewing another volunteer, Donna, who assists with meal preparation at the residence.

One of our main goals in this documentary is to demonstrate the importance of hospice services by showing how they can make life better for both patients and their families, and showing the universality of the need for end of life care. Donna’s interview spoke exactly to this. When she told us that one reason she volunteers at Hospicare is “I want someone to do it for me when it’s my turn,” it was a very emotional moment.

After the interview, we shot some broil of Donna working in the kitchen. We had some difficulty here as the Hospicare facility has many large windows and while during the day it is well-lit by the sun coming in through these windows, as the evening came we lost a lot of light and as we were not expecting it to darken so quickly we did not have time to set up a lighting kit. Still, the content of the shots were strong and we are hoping to be able to correct this in editing.