23 March: Adventures in B-Roll

Yesterday we spent the afternoon with Elaine at Hospicare. She volunteers at the administration desk, along with her loyal companion Willow, every Friday. We had already interviewed Elaine and learned about her path to becoming a volunteer at Hospicare, but we had yet to see her in the facility.

After a bit of bonding with her chocolate lab, who she brought into her family about 8 months after the passing of her husband, we started the filming. Our goal was to acquire footage of her at work, playing with Willow and going about her tasks in the bereavement group. Willow, was more than happy to pose for the camera and Elaine was happy to do whatever was needed to help get her story across.

The day was a success overall and we now have some great footage to overlay with our four current interviews. From here, we have a bit more to do, but everything is planned. We have 2 more interviews, which were scheduled for this past week but had to be rescheduled due to our source’s decision. Next week, we will be finishing up with the volunteer interviews. After that, all we have to do is pray the weather works to our advantage so that we can shoot B-roll of the outside of the facility, as well as the garden, sans snow.

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