6 March: First day of production

On Wednesday, we started conducting our first video interviews. We met with two staff members at Hospicare the previous week, so on the 27th we showed up with cameras, lighting equipment and a ton of questions. The first interview was with a loyal volunteer at her real estate office. We had a small issue with trying to figure out how to change the camera setting from black and white to color, but for the most part everything went smoothly. We worked well as a team with Erin listening to audio, Lauren photographing and asking questions and Kyla keeping a log of the questions and times for easier editing. The interview went great and we all learned a lot about how we want the theme of our documentary to go.

After meeting with Margaret, Lauren and Erin hosted an interview in their apartment. They learned the importance of having a lighting kit on hand at all times and overall the conversation went well and we created a strong connection with our source.

On Feb. 28th, we all went to Hospicare to interview the head of volunteer services and community outreach. It started off bumpy when we learned that we won’t necessarily be able to march into Hospicare and set up wherever we want. After scouring the building, we were lucky to find an empty office for the interviews. Both went really well, especially since we had worked out a great system for splitting up the tasks and setting up the equipment.

Our plan for after break is to wait for the snow to melt so that we can interview a group of students who worked in the garden at Hospicare.

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